搭建一个在国内外都可以访问的 Google Fonts 代理

Google fonts is blocked in China.

– by Google Fonts Unstable in China – Here is How to Fix It

Yah, we all know that. But the general solution for this is awkward to me, Because after I switched the fonts location to, I can open my blog very quickly inside China, where the useso(360™) located. When I was trying to access it from the outside of China, both Japanese and West American are slow, over 5 seconds to download a 800 Bytes file, That’s unbearable.

Then I tried to use Qiniu as a CDN to cache, then I realized it’s blocked anyway. Afterwards, I use the CDN to cache, still doesn’t work at all, it persist showing me this:

error: "get from image source failed: E400"

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